Coleman R. Harris
Ph.D. Candidate, Vanderbilt University
Data Analyst, Decode Health

I am a graduate student in the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University - my research interests sit somewhere in the realm of “big biomedical data” and “data science”. Currently, I’m working on issues related to cell imaging data. I also try on a bunch of other hats regularly: data scientist, freelance writer, science policy wonk, social media manager. I’m intellecually curious and always excited to try something new.


  • Imaging & Genomics Analysis
  • Healthcare Data Science
  • Health & Science Policy


Vanderbilt University
2017 - present
Ph.D. Biostatistics
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
2015 - 2017
B.S. Mathematical Statistics , Minor: Biology

News & Projects

  • Developed a rigorous report on the delays and complications with the 2020 Census , UCS, July 2021.
  • Published some of my dissertation work on multiplexed imaging normalization , bioRxiv and GitHub, July 2021.
  • Wrote: ‘Does your app need a prediction model or an inference model?’ , Triplebyte Compiler, Nov. 2020.
  • Enabled exploration of survey data on COVID-19 impact in the US , Keshif, Dec 2020.
  • Implemented distance matrix anonymization into regression methods , GitHub, Apr 2019.

Recent Publications

Complete list of projects available on Google Scholar.
Influence of social determinants of health and county vaccination rates on machine learning models to predict COVID-19 case growth in Tennessee, 2021, medRxiv
Lukasz S. Wylezinski , Coleman R. Harris , Cody N. Heiser , Jamieson D. Gray , Charles F. Spurlock III
Quantifying and correcting slide-to-slide variation in multiplexed immunofluorescence images, 2021, bioRxiv (Under review in Bioinformatics)
C.R. Harris , E.T. McKinley , J.T. Roland , Q. Liu , M.J. Shrubsole , K.S. Lau , R.J. Coffey , J. Wrobel , S.N. Vandekar
Predictive Modeling of COVID-19 Case Growth Highlights Evolving Demographic Risk Factors in Tennessee and Georgia, 2021, BMJ Health & Care Informatics
Jamieson D. Gray , Coleman R. Harris , Lukasz S. Wylezinski , Charles F. Spurlock III
Developing Science and Technology Policy Fellowships in State Governments without Full-Time Legislatures, 2020, Journal of Science Policy and Governance
Matthew A. Diasio , Danielle F. DaCrema , Ryan B. Dudek , Coleman R. Harris , Meredith N. Schmehl , Caroline L. Schuerger , Melody T. Tan
Trust as a Predictor of Patient Perceptions Regarding Overlapping Surgery and Trainee Independence, 2020, The Laryngoscope
Alexander Langerman , Kathleen M. Brelsford , Carolyn J. Diehl , Coleman R. Harris , Thomas G. Stewart