Coleman R. Harris

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. Sensing of NO 2 with zirconium hydroxide via frequency-dependent electrical impedance spectroscopy. In Dalton Transactions, 2017.

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Oral Fluid Stability Study

Designed and executed stability study for over 45 drugs and metabolites in the oral fluid matrix

Political Campaign Consulting

Contributed data analysis, programming, & research skills to multiple campaigns for the 2018 election cycle


Science Communication

  • “Climate is getting more extreme in every possible way”. Massive Science, 2019. (Syndicated on Salon)
  • “Drop Buffon’s Needle on the floor a thousand times and estimate pi”. Massive Science, 2019.
  • “A handy illustrated guide to carbon capture and storage”. Massive Science, 2019.


  • “A line item in the new tax reform proposal could hinder STEM education”. STAT, 2017.
  • “Why it’s important for STEM students to vote in 2018”, with A. Banerjee. Vanderbilt Hustler, 2018.


  • “How to make an impact in science policy as a graduate student”. PLoS ECR, 2018.

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