Political Campaign Consulting


  • Strong data & statistical analysis to support Field, Research, and Communications efforts
  • Excellent communication skills to convey ideas to the team and to voters
  • Adaptable programming experience to develop applications and models across the campaign
  • Policy and research expertise to advise and craft candidates’ policy positions
  • Hard-working & fast learner to succeed in any campaign environment


Data, Policy, and Research Consultant

Wade Munday for Tennessee Senate, TN - 25

08/2017 — Present

  • Utilized R and Shiny to develop interactive map to explore Senate District 25
  • Provided rough predictive analysis to support campaign efforts
  • Produced high-quality infographics of campaign finances
  • Researched and advised campaign on Health policy and other key policy positions

Want to see my code? Go check out my Github repository for this project!

Data Consultant

Clayton Hinchman for U.S. Congress, AL - 5

04/2018 — 06/2018

  • Developed application to geographically select potential voters for field efforts
  • Provided general data cleaning and organization to generate clear messages from voter data
  • Supported efforts with data analysis to plan campaign & field operations

Other campaigns will be updated as time allows.